'2020 was the worst year of my life so far' - Molly Bond

'Online schooling is so much more difficult to manage and physically learn.'

'Online schooling is so much more difficult to manage and physically learn.' - Credit: Molly Bond

With 2020 now a distant memory, most of us were ready to put the Coronavirus and everything it entails behind us and move onto the new year, 2021. 

If you think about all the things, good and bad, (mostly bad) that have happened and reflect upon how everything could fit into one year, it's quite scary. 

For me, 2020 was the worst year of my life so far. 

The pandemic excluded everyone from things they wanted to do and see, the awful deaths of people like Kobe and Gigi Bryant making everyone miserable, and all the racism which made people explode with rage and everything else. 

I think everyone can agree that we should definitely leave this tragic year behind us and move onto 2021. 

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I think everyone was hoping that Covid would stay locked into 2020 but we all knew at heart it wouldn’t stay that way.  

Recently, when we were ready to go back to school after a nice relaxing two-week holiday, it was announced on the news that high school’s year 11 and 13 were the only ones to return for the start of term. 

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But then, the situation changed again and we went into full lockdown. 

As much as that sounds great for some people, from my perspective, it means online schooling which is so much more difficult to manage and physically learn. 

It means my brothers and I have to stay in separate rooms all day on a different device and stare at it for five hours as a means of education. 

My eldest brother and I go to Kings in Ottery but our younger sibling is at primary. 

All three of us now have to home educate and my mum and her partner are also working from home and so we have had to dig out every device we have available just to manage. 

However, we are the lucky ones. I heard on the news that many families are struggling because they don’t have the right equipment and that makes me sad. 

While we can still interact via messaging, it isn’t the same as being in the classroom. 

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