A selection of young trees has been planted at Hawkchurch Primary School after being donated by the Woodland Trust. 

Staff, students and parents came together at the school near Axminster on Thursday, November 24 to put the saplings into the ground. 

They included dogwood, hawthorn, wild cherry, silver birch, crabapple and rowan.  

The Woodland Trust invites applications from schools and community groups that would like to help the environment by planting trees in their locality. Zoe Wilding from the school successfully applied for the saplings. 

Head of School Christopher Threlfall said: “We are extremely grateful to the Woodland Trust, to Will and Zoe Wilding, and to the wider community for all of their help and support.  

“We recognise that trees are an essential part of rural life, and this kind donation provides a fantastic opportunity for our young children to learn about the importance of trees in the fight against climate change, and to improve and enhance their school environment at the same time.  

“With the help of our kind volunteers, we are delighted to have added so many trees to the parish stock, and it was fantastic to see the students from our primary school playing such an active part and showing real enthusiasm at the thought of caring for these trees - as it is they who will reap the benefits of them for decades to come.”