Care home residents in Seaton celebrated the coronation of King Charles III last weekend. 

Many Southern Healthcare residents recalled watching Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation in 1953.

For King Charles III's coronation, residents enjoyed British-themed or round-the-world buffets, entertainment, games and quizzes, and they watched the ceremony and procession live on big screens.

Staff and residents at The Seaton care home in Seaton enjoyed a street party with a buffet of British food and special dishes were prepared for those on a modified diet.

Care home manager Emma Seal enthused: “We played royal bingo and ate Coronation quiche and Jubilee trifle.

“Our chef Anna prepared a wonderful buffet selection and for those residents on a modified diet, she took special care in the presentation, so that it looked just like the food everyone else was enjoying.”

Lead activities coordinator, Kerrie Haughey explains: “It was a fantastic day for our residents and their families.

“We couldn’t have squeezed in anymore if we tried. Thanks to some of our colleagues we got to try some food from around the world and come together as one big family.”