Here are all the planning applications submitted to East Devon District Council this week commencing Monday, May 29.

They include proposals for a new livestock building on Thorne Farm in Exmouth and permission to remove an ash tree in Honiton.

Below is the full list. To find out more, use the reference number and the start to search the East Devon District Council website.

Ref No: 23/1166/TRE. 18 Ridgeway, Honiton. EX14 2GF. 19/00053/TPO. Land at Buchanan Close and Ridgeway, Honiton, DevonRemoval and disposal of Ash Tree located at 18 Ridgeway Honiton EX142GF to ground level.Robin Offer (East Devon) came to our address (18 Ridgeway EX142GF) in November 2021 to look at the ash tree that is subject of a current TPO.? During this visit he noted the beginnings of ash die back and said that the tree would need to come down in 3-5 years in all likelihood.On 29 May 2023 a branch fell from the tree and landed directly beside our daughters trampoline. We had been standing there minutes before and only moved to answer the front door. (See photos 1-3)The tree overhangs our neighbours garden at 7 Buchanon Close. She is a childminder. There is nowhere in the garden we can replace the tree as the roots travel so far along and within the bank. If they are removed I fear it will cause some structural issues with the bank on our boundary. Our neighbours property is elevated to ours. The one place that could be suitable on first look is on an adjoining bank, however a neighbour has planted a conifer directly on the other side close to the fence.Previous application details to pollard the tree are: 07/2540/TRE. 01/06/2023

Ref No: 23/1097/FULPending Consideration. Durlston Barline BeerEX12 3
Loft conversion with front and rear dormers, raising of front gable, and construction of raised seating area. 01/06/2023

Ref No 23/1146/CPL. 2 GlebelandsSidmouth Devon EX10 8UB. Certificate of Lawful Development for proposed single storey side extension. 31/05/2023

Ref No: 23/1086/FUL. Pending Consideration. Thorne Farm Exmouth RoadLympstoneEX8 5AG Provision of replacement livestock building retrospective. 31/05/2023

Ref No: 23/1155/FUL: Pending Consideration. 34 The Marles Exmouth EX8 4NS
Construction of a single storey rear extension, internal reconfiguration of the main house and level access to a raised garden deck. 30/05/2023

Ref No: 23/1145/FUL Pending Consideration. Endellion Axminster RoadMusburyDevonEX13 8AZ. Garage conversion with garage door infill and change of roof orientation. 30/05/2023

Ref No: 23/1149/AGR : Pending Consideration. Newcott Farm YarcombeDevonEX14 9ND. Prior approval for a general purpose agricultural building. 30/05/2023

Ref No: 23/1072/FUL. Pending Consideration. Allward, Flat 1 Salcombe Hill RoadSidmouthDevonEX10 8JS. Proposed detached garage with storage space above. 30/05/2023

Ref No: 23/1118/FUL. Pending Consideration. Dalwood Hill Nursery Burrow Knapp WayDalwoodDevonEX13 7ES. Replacement storage building. 30/05/2023

Ref No: 23/1121/FUL : Pending Consideration. Moxhayes Farm YarcombeDevonEX14 9BB. Single storey rear extension and patio. 30/05/2023

Ref No: 23/1122/LBC : Pending Consideration. Moxhayes Farm YarcombeDevonEX14 9BB. Single storey rear extension and patio. 30/05/2023

Ref No: 23/1139/FUL : Pending Consideration. Old Highwood DunkeswellEX14 4SZ. Single-storey kitchen extension. 30/05/2023

Ref No: 23/0830/TRE : Pending Consideration. Nutsberry House Town Lane Woodbury Devon EX5 1NH. T1: Oak - prune back lateral crown spread of Oak by approximately 2m removing one limb (as indicated by red line in attached photograph 416JOH). 30/05/2023

Ref No: 23/1049/VAR : Pending Consideration. Whimple Victory HallWhimpleExeterEX5 2TS. Variation of condition 1 (time limit on permission) of planning permission 18/1079/FUL (Retention of two storage containers and installation of additional unit) to extend the time limit to 10 years. | Validated: 30/05/2023

Ref No: 23/1083/LBC : Pending Consideration. 30 Ottery StreetOttertonDevonEX9 7HW. Boiler unit on rear elevation and associated pipework | Validated: 26/05/2023

Ref No: 23/1000/FUL. Pending Consideration. 7 Bhutan Close Honiton Devon EX14 2UP. Erection of balcony and glass panel balastrade to split level bungalow, to rear of property, supported with timber post; balcony floor material will be composite decking; access to balcony from property would be patio doors; privacy glass to left side of balcony. 26/05/2023

Ref No: 23/1128/FUL. Pending Consideration. 17 Moormead Budleigh Salterton Devon EX9 6PZ. Proposed conversion of conservatory into a single storey extension. 26/05/2023

Ref No: 23/0005/EIA. Awaiting decision. Land At Gilbrook HouseWoodbury
Screening opinion for residential development of 60 dwellings. 26/05/2023

Ref No: 23/0970/VAR : Pending Consideration. Virtues Vineyard Southleigh Colyton EX24 6JA. Variation of condition 2 (Approved plans) of application 21/3015/VAR. | Validated: 26/05/2023.

Ref No: 23/1131/VAR : Awaiting decision. The Glade Stony LaneWoodbury SaltertonDevonEX5 1PP. Variation of condition 2 (approved plans) of application (21/0908/VAR) to allow for revision of plans for the proposed garage that include changes to the external materials, garage and access door positions and internal layout. 26/05/2023