Axminster has featured on the popular BBC One property show Escape to the Country this week. 

The programme aired at 3pm on Tuesday, June 13 and featured couple Maureen and Rob, who wanted to escape their land-locked life in the Leicestershire town of Castle Donington and relocate to either Devon or Somerset. 

Helped by presenter Alistair Appleton, Maureen and Rob sought a four-bedroom home in a location with good community spirit. 

They were looking for a house which has a space for hobbies, a separate lounge and kitchen area, a large garden and on the edge of a village or town - all for £650,000. 

The second property the couple looked at was in Axminster.

The film featured the town centre outside the Community Waffle House and an overhead view of Axminster Carpets. 

Maureen and Rob were also seen walking into the Axminster Heritage Centre and learning about the history of the town.  

The BBC also interview the Mayor of Axminster, Jill Farrow, in the town centre.

She said: "If you are a dog walker, you couldn't live in a better place and you are only six miles from the coast, so you have the beaches at Charmouth and Seaton which are absolutely stunning places to visit. 

"It's a great place because it's the home of community spirit we were a little bit worried about moving to a small town and wondering whether or not we would fit in, but we have been able to become involved in this community activities and it has been a really happy time." 

Local resident Ethan added: "Axminster is really good because it's really good to get into nature, personally as a cyclist I love that I can get straight into the hills and it's really fantastic." 

The Community Waffle House is then shown, with owner Simon Smith speaking to Maureen and Rob.

He said: "The main target for us here is to reach out to the lonely and allow people to come together.

"We work alongside other organisations that tackle mental health and issues in general so that we can collectively tackle these big issues that go under the radar." 

No spoilers: you will have to watch the full episode to see what house the couple chose. 

The show is available to watch via BBC iPlayer and is available for 11 months.