Owners at The Belfry Hotel in Yarcombe have submitted plans to turn the hotel into a bed and breakfast.

Plans have been submitted to change the use from a hotel (use class C1) to a dwellinghouse (use class C3(a)). 

The Belfry Hotel was the former village school dating back to 1872, and was converted to a hotel in 1970. There is a large car park at the front of the building, access to the building front and rear will be unchanged. There will be no change to outside apart from the removal of the belfry B&B sign on the building and at the bottom of the car park.

The building is listed grade II and is situated in the Blackdown Hills AONB. Its importance is as a fine example of Victorian School and is a prominent building in the village but there is no plan to change the inside of the hotel.

Rad the full application 23/0782/FUL

Below is a full list of planning applications submitted for approval to East Devon District Council on the week beginning Monday, August 14.

23/1792/TCA. Chanters House The CollegeOttery St Mary Devon EX11 1DQ. Pine complete removal. Validated: 17/08/2023

23/1751/FUL. 7 Freelands CloseExmouthDevonEX8 4AE. Proposed side and rear extension and internal alteration along with an additional 1 floor through roof conversation. Validated: 17/08/2023

23/1615/FUL. Sid Abbey West Sid Road Sidmouth Devon EX10 9HN. Retrospective permission to retain replacement shed. Validated 17/08/2023

23/1788/TCA.  20 Victoria PlaceBudleigh Salterton Devon EX9 6JP. T1, Silver Birch : prune eastern primary branches by 2m, to maximum diameter cuts of 500mm; prune west primary branches by 1m; crown thinning and reduction by 1.5m.T2, T3, T4, Himalayan Birches : crown lifts to max 2.5m above ground level; crown thinnings if required; crown reductions by 1m max.T5, Silver Birch : remove (possibly replace with smaller tree - type to be discussed) | Validated: 17/08/2023

23/1791/TRE. Madeira Court Douglas Avenue Exmouth Devon EX8 2BU. T1, lime - pollard to previous pollard points. | Validated: 16/08/2023

23/1687/FUL. Oakfield Sanctuary LaneWoodbury SaltertonExeterEX5 1ET. Demolition of barn and construction of new dwelling and access, following grant of Class Q Prior Approval (ref. 22/2797/PDQ). | Validated: 15/08/2023

23/1775/TRE. Upper Heights Burscombe LaneSidford Sidmouth EX10 9SF. G1 - Beech trees: 1) stems nearest the house - crown lift to a height equivalent to the eaves of the house, removing small branches up to approx. 25mm in diameter. 2) reduction of lateral canopy extent over the garden on the south side by up to 2-3m, maximum diameter cuts of 45mm. 3) Height reduction by up to 2m, maximum diameter cuts of 45mm.G2 - beech trees: 1) crown lift above access road to approximately 5m for vehicle access. 2) remove stems directly opposite oak tree to allow more space for vehiclular acess. 3) thin out stems 138mm in diameter at chest height and remove stems up to 200mm at chest height. | Validated: 15/08/2023

23/1738/FUL. Beacon C Of E Primary School Beacon PlaceExmouthDevonEX8 2SR. Installation of a new garden SEN room stand-alone building. Validated: 15/08/2023

23/1781/TCA. Applelands Bickwell ValleySidmouthDevonEX10 8RF. Oak - fell. | Validated: 15/08/2023

23/1769/FUL. Higher Coxes Farm WestonEX10 0PG. Proposed 2No. holiday glamping pods. | Validated: 15/08/2023

23/1758/FUL. 12 Presto Axminster Devon EX13 5BR. Proposed single-storey extension. | Validated: 15/08/2023

23/1783/TCA. 23 Victoria PlaceBudleigh SaltertonDevonEX9 6JP. T1: Holly - remove dead stems and re-shape remainder to encourage better form. | Validated: 15/08/2023

23/1782/TRE. Council Offices KnowleSidmouthDevonEX10 8HL. T2: Beech; T3, T19: Oak; T4, T13, T30: Cherry; T5: False Acacia; T6: Silver Maple; T7, T9, T15: Hornbeam; T12, T16, T36: Sycamore; T17, T23: Norway Maple; T28, T35: Silver Birch; T33: Holly; T34: Red Horse Chestnut - crown lift to 5m over existing road.T10: Judas Tree - cut back minor branches overhanging road, back to road edge. | Validated: 15/08/2023

23/1770/AGR. Blackenfields Farm LuppittDevonEX14 4UB. Erection of a general purpose agricultural building. Validated: 14/08/2023

23/1752/FUL. Units 6 And 7 Sideshore Queens Drive Exmouth Devon EX8 2GD. External deck to allow additional seating to a busy takeaway to allow sit down waiter service. Validated: 14/08/2023

23/1766/TRE. 123 St Johns Road Exmouth EX8 4EH. G2A1 - Crown lift to 6.5m above ground level by removing 2 branches back to mother branch.G2O1 - Crown lift to 4m above ground level by removing 3 branches back to trunk.G2O2 - Crown lift to 4m above ground level by removing 1 branch back to mother branch.G2O5 - Crown lift to 5.5m above ground level by removing 1 branch back to trunk.G2O9 - Crown lift to 2.5m above ground level by removing 3 branches back.G1O2 - Crown lift to 3.5m above ground level by removing 1 branch back.G1O3 - Crown lift to 4.5m above ground level by removing 1 branch back to trunk and, 2 smaller branches back to mother branch. | Validated: 14/08/2023

23/1683/PVJ : Pending Consideration. Bright FarmingThe Grain StoreRidgeHonitonEX14 9EN. Installation of 210 solar photovoltaic (PV) on the north-west and south-east roof Validated: 14/08/2023

Ref No: 23/1507/LBC. 1 The Stables ShuteEX13 7NY. Re-plastering of walls on ground, first and second floor; remove chipboard flooring and replace with reclaimed floorboards on ground, first and second floor; replace bolts on Juliette balcony; replace interior doors at first floor; repointing of flint walls in kitchen; install limestone flag paving in kitchen and entrance hallway; line chimney; repointing of roof ridge; replace damaged roof slates; install new vent in south west elevation and replace fencing; replace workshop doors and strengthen attic rail. Validated: 14/08/2023

23/1768/FUL. Greendale Cottage White Cross Road Woodbury SaltertonEX5 1EW. Removal of existing tin flat roof, extending length of garage to incorporate garden office, pitch new roof over existing garage and new garden office. | Validated: 14/08/2023

Ref No: 23/0126/LBC. 231 High StreetHonitonEX14 1AH. Replace 1no. door on front (south east) elevation | Validated: 14/08/2023

Ref No: 23/1660/LBC. 2 Orchard Terrace Church StreetSidfordDevonEX10 9RW. Replace ceilings in bedroom 1 and 2 at first floor | Validated: 14/08/2023

Ref No: 23/1767/FUL. Little Pacehayne ShuteEX13 7QE. Replacement garage/storage building | Validated: 14/08/2023

Ref No: 23/1624/LBC. De La Pole Court Fore StreetSeatonEX12 2AD. Replacement of arched sash window on rear elevation | Validated: 14/08/2023

23/1774/TRE. Pending Consideration. The Seagulls 235B Exeter RoadExmouthDevonEX8 3ED. T1, Monterey Cypress: install a static wire rope brace rated to at least 5000kg 3 to 4m above top of union. Reduce lowest limb to the west by 2-3m making pruning cuts up to 75mm in diameter. Validated: 14/08/2023

Ref No: 23/1772/TRE. 72 Masey RoadExmouthEX8 4AR. T1, T2 & T3 (English Oak) - remove to ground level and treat the stumps to prevent regrowth. | Validated: 14/08/2023

Ref No: 23/1735/GPD. Little Silver Clyst HydonDevonEX15 2NF. The erection of a single storey rear kitchen extension, which would extend beyond the rear wall of the original house by 4.5m, for which the maximum height would be 2.8m , and for which the height of the eaves would also be 2.8m. | Validated: 14/08/2023

Ref No: 23/1759/CPL. 9 Apple CloseExmouthDevonEX8 4QN. Certificate of proposed lawful development for side extension to form new entrance, existing hips to gables to the main roof and existing dormer size increased. | Validated: 11/08/2023

Ref No: 23/1709/FUL. Aylesbeare Village Hall Village Way Aylesbeare ExeterEX5 2FF. Change of use from F2( Community Use) to a mixed use F2 (Community Use) and use Class E(F) (Day Nursery). | Validated: 11/08/2023

23/0782/FUL. The Belfry Country HotelYarcombeHonitonEX14 9BD. Change of use from a hotel (use class C1) to a dwellinghouse (use class C3(a)) | Validated: 11/08/2023

Ref No: 23/1760/FUL. 9 Apple CloseExmouthEX8 4QN. Construction of a detached annexe, ancillary to the enjoyment of the existing bungalow. | Validated: 11/08/2023

23/1207/LBC. The LodgeGittishamHonitonEX14 3AD. Demolition of internal wall, removal of roof to existing extension, construction of new extension with parapet and roof lanterns | Validated: 11/08/2023

23/1206/FUL. The LodgeGittishamHoniton EX14 3AD. Demolition of internal wall, removal of roof to existing extension, construction of new extension with parapet and roof lanterns | Validated: 11/08/2023

23/1695/FUL. 9D Portland AvenueExmouthDevon EX8 2BS. Enlargement of existing window to south elevation of existing dwelling | Validated: 11/08/2023

23/1732/FUL. Larkbeare CourtHolly Ball LaneWhimpleEX5 2QX. Extension to cattle shed and creation of approach ramps. Validated: 11/08/2023

23/1764/FUL. Pending Consideration. 2 Trinfield Avenue Exmouth Devon EX8 3JU. Proposed two single storey extensions and replacement garage | Validated: 11/08/2023

23/1750/TRE. MeadFortescue RoadSidmouthEX10 9QG. T1, Magnolia : crown raise to 2.5m, clean up poor previous pruning cuts and remove epicormic regrowth on trunk. | Validated: 11/08/2023

23/1753/TCA. 12 Louisa PlaceExmouthDevonEX8 2AL. T3: Norway Maple - approximately reduce to upper previous pollard points at 3m above ground level, leaving multiple points to encourage a balanced crown formation and allow continued vascular connection.T6: Pittosporum - reduce to growth point approximately 1.5 metres above ground level.T8: Sycamore - remove southern stem and reduce northern stem by approximately 40%.T9: Plum - fell to near ground level.T12: Holm Oak- crown reduce by approximately 2m or further if permitted. Maximum diameter of cuts 50mm. T13: Cypress - dismantle to near ground level.T14: Goat Willow - pollard at existing pollard points, approximately 1.5 metres above ground level. | Validated: 11/08/2023

23/1717/VAR. 4 - 6 Rolle Street Exmouth EX8 1HE. Variation of condition no. 2 of planning permission 21/3350/FUL (Creation of 8 flats and staff accommodation for ground floor shop on first and second floors together with bin and cycle storage) to re-position the existing services and requirements under Building Regulations requiring internal layout changes) to amended drawings. | Validated: 11/08/2023