Four care home residents from Hill House in Honiton have visited the WW2 Nissen Hut and Upottery Airfield Heritage Centre.

During the day they were able to recall their experiences as armed service personnel during the Second World War.

Stan, Carey, Derrick and Mervyn were able to relive their wartime exploits at the newly refurbished centre, which re-opened in April and is just a stone’s throw away from their home in Dunkeswell.

The group were able to sit once again at the controls of a Lancaster Bomber, and were intrigued by a so-called ‘unlucky mascot’ that had been found in the wreckage of a German Heinkel He 111 plane brought down over the area.

Stan said, “It really took me back to my time as an aircraft engineer during the war and seeing the planes return without all the crew that went out on them.

“It was a very tough time but it really made us appreciate what we had. I made sure to always make friends with the American airmen as they always had much nicer food than we did. They would turn up with the most amazing sandwiches with huge cuts of ham – I can still see and taste them now!”

Derrick also recalled, “I remember it being built, as I have always lived in Dunkeswell. The US airmen would come and drink in our local, The Royal Oak, and we would always have a good evening, consuming a bit too much alcohol together."

Following the visit, the residents made potato shortbread using a recipe from one of the cookbooks that was on display at the museum.

The home’s Activities Coordinator, Nicola Trueman, said that it was very different to sort of food that they normally receive.