Outline plans have been submitted to build 21 homes near Honiton.

A planning application to build 'up to 21 dwellings, internal roads, landscaping, public open space, infrastructure and the creation of a new access and "ahead only" junction on Ottery Moor Lane (all matters except access reserved) on Land North West Of Ottery Moor Lane Honiton.

Read the full application on the East Devon District Council website: eastdevon.gov.uk using the ref codes at the start of the applications.

23/1897/MOUT. Land North West Of Ottery Moor LaneHoniton. Outline application for the construction of up to 21 dwellings, internal roads, landscaping, public open space, infrastructure and the creation of a new access and "ahead only" junction on Ottery Moor Lane (all matters except access reserved). | Validated: 11/09/2023

23/1761/FUL. Brook House Whalley LaneUplymeDevonDT7 3UP. Demolition of existing side and rear extension and the erection of a new side and rear extension, with roof dormer and external staircase. | Validated: 14/09/2023

23/1951/TCA. 4 Old Home FarmRousdonDT7 3YL. T1, Ash : fell. | Validated: 14/09/2023

23/1963/CPL. The Copper Beech New StreetOttery St MaryDevonEX11 1EA. Certificate of Proposed Lawful Development for construction of single storey side extension. | Validated: 13/09/2023

 23/1902/FUL. 36A Fore StreetSidmouthDevonEX10 8AQ. Proposed change of use from Office (Class E) to apartment (Class C3). Validated: 13/09/2023

23/1806/FUL. 2 Hillside Cottages Underhill LympstoneEX8 5HQ. Rear flat roof dormer and front velux roof balcony. | Validated: 13/09/2023

23/1962/TRe. Elvestone Fore Street Hill Budleigh SaltertonDevonEX9 6HD. T1, Holm Oak : crown lift foliage to 3 metres above ground level.T4, Holm Oak : fell to near ground level. This small tree has been cut back numerous times to prevent it from fouling the overhead powerlines, it is unlikely to ever be able to reach its full natural size.Beech: crown lift to 3m above ground level and reduce extending lateral limbs by a maximum of 1m.T8, Holm Oak : repollard at previous pollard point at 6-7 m above ground level.T22, Holly : reduce height by 1-2m and trim sides lightly to shape.T25, Sycamore : fell or dismantle in sections to near ground level. This tree has been steadily declining for a number of years and is now in a poor condition.T30, Holm Oak : repollard at 4m above ground level. T31, Sycamore : reduce lateral spread by cutting back all foliage to approximately in line with eastern edge of gravel path, cutting back to suitable growth points. | Validated: 13/09/2023

23/1947/OHL. Beavor Grange Farm AxminsterEX13 5SE. Add a looped in connection for a customer on the ZFA 33kV line at Beavor Grange Farm, Axminster, EX13 5SE. Grid reference 332811, 098023. Works require pole ZFA21 to be replaced by a 'stout' single pole. An additional 'stout' single pole will be added in-line 15 metres from ZFA21 towards existing pole ZFA20. Height of new pole structures to be 11 metres. Existing pole ZFA21 is 10 metres in height so replacement does not exceed 10% limitation. Height of adjacent existing poles ZFA 20 and ZFA22 are 10.5 metres and 11 metres in height respectively. | Validated: 12/09/2023

23/1950/CPL. 41 Midway ExmouthEX8 2PG. Certificate of Proposed Lawful Development for roof lights to the front and back and enlarged ground floor external opening to the rear.  Validated: 12/09/2023

23/1894/PDQ. Four Elms Farm Alfington Road Ottery St MaryDevonEX11 1NY. Conversion of existing agricultural building to form two larger residential dwelling houses, located furthest west from Four Elms Farmhouse. | Validated: 12/09/2023

23/1944/FUL. Limestones Wotton Lane LympstoneEX8 5LZ. Demolition of part of the boundary wall and construction of a new vehicular access with driveway and entrance gate | Validated: 12/09/2023

23/1874/FUL. 7 Victoria PlaceBudleigh SaltertonEX9 6JP. Proposed single-storey rear extension with mono pitched roof to form dining area | Validated: 12/09/2023

23/1905/FUL. 9 Coastguard Road Budleigh SaltertonDevon EX9 6NU. Replacement Conservatory | Validated: 12/09/2023

23/1928/FUL. Glebe House Southleigh Devon EX24 6SD. Replacement of an existing chalet building into a replacement single-storey building and erection of a new cabin. | Validated: 12/09/2023

23/1931/FUL. West Barn Clyst St MaryDevonEX5 1AP. Single storey extension on north elevation, with cladding | Validated: 12/09/2023

23/1952/TCA. 5 Old Home FarmRousdonDT7 3YL. T2, Ash : sectional fell to the ground. | Validated: 12/09/2023

23/1945/OHL. Street RecordColyton. Application for a third wire to be added to 26 spans of existing high voltage overhead line. | Validated: 11/09/2023

23/1869/CPE. Land At Brickyard Road AllercombeRockbeare EX5 2HD. Certificate of existing lawful development relating to the change of use of land more than ten years ago from agriculture to siting of a residential mobile home | Validated: 11/09/2023

23/1838/FUL. Star Barton Farm Cowley Devon EX5 5DG. Demolition of existing agricultural buildings, construction of one dwelling, change of use of land to residential and associated works | Validated: 11/09/2023

23/1715/FUL. Stedcombe Lodge AxmouthDevonEX12 4BJ. Install air source heat pump, reinstate retaining wall railings, replace garden shed. | Validated: 11/09/2023

23/1936/TCA. 6 West HillBudleigh SaltertonEX9 6BW. Liquidambar : crown reduce height to 1.5m below lines; side of crown over pavement cut back to a 30cm inside roadside curb and other sides reduced to a tidier dome.Magnolia : reduce crown height to 4m to encourage lower growth to avoid wind damage and leave a 1.5m clearance from main house (around line of veranda). | Validated: 11/09/2023

23/1888/FUL. Land Adjacent Irongate LodgeEscot Park Ottery St Mary. Proposed dwelling and removal of timber structures and a summerhouse including 28 solar panels. | Validated: 11/09/2023

Ref No: 23/1938/FUL. Hillcrest Woodhouse HillUplymeDevonDT7 3SL. Retrospective planning application to retain cabin as a holiday let. | Validated: 11/09/2023

23/1937/TRE. 3 Jenwood RoadDunkeswellEX14 4UZ. T1, Ash with Ash Die Back : removal to the ground level (or very hard cutting); replacement planting | Validated: 11/09/2023

23/1726/FUL. Casa De Caballos Upton PyneExeterEX5 5HY. To build a barn with for the storage of hay, straw and other winter fodder. | Validated: 11/09/2023

23/1636/FUL. Dirks GardenBirchillAxminsterEX13 7LF. Construction of 2-storey rear extension, replacement of single-storey link extension on North Elevation and raising of chimney. Validated: 08/09/2023

23/1637/LBC. Dirks Garden BirchillDevonEX13 7LF. Construction of 2-storey rear extension, replacement of single-storey link extension on North Elevation, and raising of chimney. Rethatching of main house and outbuilding, internal and external alterations and repairs, and replacement of all windows. | Validated: 08/09/2023

23/1886/AGR. Underdown Farm UpotteryDevonEX14 9QR. Prior approval for a general purpose agricultural building | Validated: 08/09/2023

23/1795/FUL. Lower Woodmanton FarmWoodmantonWoodburyExeterEX5 1HG. Proposed single storey storage unit | Validated: 08/09/2023