Here are the latest planning applications submitted to East Devon District Council for approval this week (Monday, September 25).

Use the reference number at the start of each application to view the full details on the EDDC website.

23/1943/LBC. Otter Mill Tumbling Weir WayOttery St MaryEX11 1GT. Change hinges on 3no. windows in office 6, 7 and 8 to enable them to be fire escape windows; box in cables in atrium; replace front doors on ground floor south elevation (apartments 1, 2, 3 and 4); install extract fan in refuse room and upgrade floor in refuse room including drainage channel.

Ref No: 23/2035/FUL. 101 Ashleigh RoadExmouthEX8 2JZ. Installation of a roof light to the north/east side elevation.

23/2038/TCA. Angel Lodge Millford RoadSidmouthEX10 8DP. T1: Sycamore - reduce and thin canopy, removing approximately 3m branch sections to reduce overall height by approximately 1 to 2m and reshape.T2: Sycamore - reduce by approximately 2 to 3m and reshape.T3: Silver Birch - reduce by approximately 1 to 2m and reshape. 

23/1779/FUL. Pemarita High StreetNewton PopplefordDevonEX10 0BD. Two storey garage & bedroom extension, new first floor accommodation over existing bungalow, addition of exterior cladding and complete re- roofing from tile to artificial slate.

23/2026/FUl. Little Ridge Venlake EndUplymeDevonDT7 3SF. Construction of single storey extension on east elevation.

23/1954/FUL. Coryton Lodge Kilmington EX13 7RD. New single storey rear extension, reroofing and cladding existing side extension to match proposed rear extension. . Glazed veranda to rear of property and two new roof lights to existing building.

23/2052/FUL. 5 Featherstone RoadExmouthDevonEX8 3JH. Proposed single storey rear extension.

23/1955/LBC. Coryton LodgeKilmingtonEX13 7RD. Reroofing and cladding existing side extension to match proposed single storey rear extension. Infilling existing window opening on south elevation, creating new opening on east elevation and adding two new roof lights to existing building. Construction of glazed veranda to rear of property, relocation of kitchen and oil tank with all associated works.

23/2045/TRE. 18 Carberry AvenueExmouthEX8 3EH. T5: Turkey Oak - reduce canopy by 3m over no.18's back to boundary with cuts taken back to growth points, no larger than 75mm diameter.

23/1820/FUL. 6 The Coach House Portland AvenueExmouthEX8 2BS. Erection of detached garage building with room on upper floor, with construction of driveway. Demolition of existing garage.

23/2011/TRE. 10 Perrys GardensWest HillDevonEX11 1XA. Excavation into raised ground level (and possibly into root protection area of woodland order 23/0006/TPO); extending rear patio area by up to 5m in distance.

23/2027/FUL. Woods Farm Road From Woods Coombe To The Bowd InnBowdSidmouthDevonEX10 0JS. Provision of new purpose-built donkey shelter, improved field access and tracks from existing yard.

23/1304/LBC. Rydon House TalatonDevonEX5 2RP. Replacement of 7 single glazed wooden sash windows with 7 double glazed sash windows. The windows will contain exactly the same number of panes as the existing (12 pane or 18 pane) and will to all intents and purposes look identical both internally and externally.

23/2007/FUL. East Budleigh Road, Pulhayes Farm Access To BanklyEast Budleigh Budleigh SaltertonDevonEX9 7BA. Roofing over silage clamp phase 2.

23/2034/TRE. 11 Banfield WayHonitonEX14 2GA. Silver birch: fell. | Validated: 25/09/2023

23/2039/TCA. 110 Yonder StreetOttery St MaryEX11 1HH. T1 & T2- Sycamores: re-pollard to previous points. | Validated: 25/09/2023

23/2036/TRE. Highbank HillheadColytonEX24 6NJ. T1: Oak - prune and reduce the crown height and spread, removing all significant deadwood found within the crown and removing branch lengths of up to 6m in length and making natural target pruning cuts of up to 150mm in diameter.

23/2037/TRE. 3 GlenviewHonitonEX14 2NT. T1: Silver Birch: prune and crown reduce via thinning by approximately 10%, making natural target pruning cuts of up to 25mm in diameter, removing branch lengths up to 2m.T2: Black Pine - fell. 

23/2033/TRE. 31 IvydaleExmouthEX8 4TA. T1: Oak - raise crown over the gardens up to a height of 5m from ground level. Remove limb growing on eastern side. Reduce crown by up to 2m to leave a tree with a finished height of 8m and a 3m gap from the house. Restricting cut size to 75mm diameter. | Validated: 22/09/2023