Axminster Care Service needs some more drivers, to transfer people from their homes to GP or hospital appointments.

Prior to Covid-19 the service had a good number of volunteer drivers. During lockdown Axminster Care Service was instrumental in ensuring that medical prescriptions were delivered to residents of Axminster and outlying villages.

However, since the return to some normality a number of drivers have not returned to their volunteering roles and Axminster Care Service now needs to rebuild its drivers to support the demand from the community.

Drivers can choose how many hours they wish to volunteer, and what distances they wish to travel. Even if a volunteer only takes one journey per week it can make a difference to someone in need of support.

Axminster Care Service also provides a comprehensive transport service to help local people get to their medical appointments, who would not otherwise be able to do so; approximately 2000 trips per year. Our volunteer drivers are paid a mileage allowance and expenses to cover their costs. Our service users are not charged for their journeys, although donations are always appreciated and go a long way to covering the costs incurred.

Founded 34 years ago, Axminster Care Service is a local organisation providing the framework for local people to help other people in need within the catchment area of Axminster Medical Practice, filling in the gaps between the medical, social services, and transport provision. The service is provided with the support of approximately 40 volunteers, all local people who want to help local people in need of support. The main source of funding is raised through our Charity shop in South Street, where all profits made are ploughed back into the charity.

Axminster Care Service provides support to those who find themselves struggling financially, particularly those who are facing an emergency, or whose circumstances have changed. This is done by referral, often via social or care services, and can include a GP, clergy, solicitor, teacher etc.

More information about Axminster Care Service email or call 01297 35000 and leave a message and someone will call you back.