Seaton's main esplanade is currently flooded, with water flowing down Harbour Road, due to Storm Ciaran today. 

Pictures posted on the Seaton Notice Board Facebook page this morning show water flowing down Harbour Road and flooding the car parking spaces on Seaton seafront.

The flood defences seemed to work well, though; there are currently no reports that homes on the seafront are flooded.

Cars have been affected, as you can see from the pictures, they sit in two or three inches of seawater.

Thanks to Helena Whitten, who sent us these pictures of Seaton seafront this morning.

The Hideaway in Seaton was first to feel the effects of the storm, announcing this morning that it is closing until further notice because the restaurant has flooded.

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In a post on Facebook, the business said: "The Hideaway has sustained damage from Storm Ciaran.

"The storm door and front doors have been pushed in and water has come all through the restaurant.

"We will be closed until we can repair and make our café safe again. Please DO NOT come down to look in as it’s still very dangerous.

"We will keep everyone posted with news as much as possible."