A multi-award-winning feature film is set to be screened at a Honiton cinema.

Bolan's Shoes will arrive at The Beehive Cinema on Friday, December 1, in showings at 2pm (including an optional lunch) and 7.30pm.

This new movie, produced by Buffalo Dragon in conjunction with Munro Film, has been making waves in the film industry.

At the Manchester Film Festival 2023, it snagged the "Audience Award", with the accolades continuing to pour in at Poppy Jasper International Film Festival where the film took home the titles for "Best Drama Feature" and "Best Editing".

Midweek Herald: Buffalo Dragon, in association with Munro Film, are thrilled to announce new star-studded,

Bolan's Shoes is the brainchild of award-winning writer Ian Puleston-Davies, best known for his work on "Silent Witness" and "Marcella".

He also won the "Icon Award" at the Poppy Jasper International Film Festival.

In addition to writing, Puleston-Davies also directed the film, with Terri Dwyer and Dean Fisher serving as producers.

Set in 1970s Liverpool during the glam rock mania epitomised by T.Rex, the film showcases an outstanding cast.

BAFTA-nominated Timothy Spall, Leanne Best, Mark Lewis Jones, and Mathew Horne all lend their talent to this project.

The narrative follows a group of youngsters from a local children's home drawn into the whirlwind of T.Rex mania, before their lives are irreversibly altered by a tragic road accident.

One survivor, Penny, still entranced by the memories of her childhood idol, T.Rex lead singer Marc Bolan, embarks on a poignant journey of reflection and discovery, bringing along her best friend and fellow fan, Steffan to visit his shrine in London.

The film shifts between light-hearted comedy and supernatural chills in a heartwarming story that explores the long-lasting effects of childhood trauma and the groundbreaking power of music.

Midweek Herald: The feature film won the Audience Award at Manchester Film Festival as well as Best Drama Feature

The Beehive is presenting viewers with a film and lunch opportunity for the 2pm showing, giving fans the chance to enjoy a lunch in the cafe at 12:45pm ahead of the film's playtime.

Tickets are available for purchase for adults at £7.50, for those U16 at £6.50, and an additional £5 for the lunch option.

Tickets can be booked via the Beehive Cinema website or directly at their Box Office.