The Bridport creative writing charity has launched its fourth story anthology, written by students from Axe Valley Academy in Axminster.

The Bank of Dreams and Nightmares group launched Stories from the Valley, which are all based around the broad theme of ‘Change’ and they range from the hilarious to the horrifying, with each child publishing an original story as well as a series of descriptive vignettes that are sure to stay with you long after you’ve closed the cover. The book is prefaced with a foreword by best-selling local author, Isabel Ashdown.

Ed Swift, Creative Learning Manager from the charity said: "The launch was a great success, with many of the young writers attending with members of their families. ‘Everyone was so excited to see the final book. At the start of the project we told them their stories would be finished and polished and so good that we could actually publish them. And none of the students ran away! In fact, they all kept coming, week after week, and didn’t let the enthusiasm drop for a moment. They’re a really talented bunch."

Amberley Carter, the volunteer coordinator, who supported the young writers over the eleven weeks said: "It's important that the children should be able to tell the stories they wanted to tell. ‘I’m just so thrilled to have been involved. One student came up to me, grinning, at the end, and gave me a huge hug. You could see just how proud she was of what she’d achieved."

At the launch, held at The Waffle House in Axminster, many of the young authors read extracts from the book. Cory, who wrote the story A Change of Reality, said, “It was so much fun to work with everyone at the Bank of Dreams and Nightmares, and a great experience to have. It’s so exciting to be published in a book. I think all the authors did an amazing job.’

Cory’s mother was equally delighted. ‘Cory has already been through so much in his life and is the most incredible human I know. And now he’s officially a published author! To say I’m a proud parent would be an understatement.’

Mr Phil Wilson, Axe Valley’s Deputy Head thought the project brilliant. ‘It’s been a tremendous project and long may the charity continue its work.’ While Anita Heale, from the Blackdown Education Partnership, Axe Valley’s Academy Trust, said that she was very much looking forward to reading her copy. ‘This has been such a great experience for all of us.’

Books are available to purchase in The Archway Bookshop (situated below The Waffle House), priced £5.99

For more information, or to get involved in volunteering for the charity, visit: