Colyton Chamber of Feoffees is pleased to announce the appointment of Lesley Emery as the new Town Crier for Colyton.

Mr Julian Hurford, Chairman of the Chamber said: “We are delighted that Lesley has accepted our invitation to become the new Town Crier for Colyton. This historic role brings colour to the life of our community and we are confident she will be a great asset to the town.”

Ms Emery said: I feel privileged to have been chosen for this historic role in Colyton. I am delighted to be representing the most rebellious town in Devon and look forward to welcoming everyone to our wonderful events. “

Lesley’s first appearance as Town Crier will be at the Christmas Lighting Up Ceremony on Wednesday, December 6. Historically, at a time when not many people could read, the role of Town Crier was very important as a way of communicating vital information about local bylaws, market days, emergencies and significant local events.

Today, the role is more ceremonial and a fun and colourful way of heralding key local community events such as the Colyton Carnival, the Colyford Goose Fayre in the autumn and the lighting up ceremony for the Colyton Christmas Fayre.

Ms Emery will also be available to attend other local events. Get in touch with Lesley on 07889 998288 or email