Lyme Regis Museum is set to host a unique and imaginative exhibition by artist Dave Wicken.

Named 'Beyond the Beach Huts', the showcase will run at the Rotunda Gallery from November 28 until January 28.

Dave's eye-catching creation mixes drawing and photography, presenting the Jurassic Coast in an unexpected light.

Incorporating his life-long interests in photography, pen, and ink drawings, he added a modern spin of digital colour and texture with software.

"I have been shooting and processing my own photographs as well as producing pen and ink drawings for most of my life," explains Dave Wicken, "but a few years ago it occurred to me that I could combine the two."

The captivating coastal scenery of Lyme Regis triggered his imagination, inspiring images ranging from historical interpretations to perceptions of the future.

Pieces include a colossal whale looming over a terrified Lyme Regis, a whimsical but chilling image that actually manifested from a nightmare Dave experienced as a young child aged four.

The exhibition also presents scenes featuring the adventurous Malvolio, the protagonist of two recently published books authored and illustrated by Mr Wicken.

The storyline revolves around a vole waking up in a strange universe, dealing with memory loss, secret missions, and epic quests.

Dave Wicken's books, along with a selection of cards and prints, will be available for purchase during the exhibition.

For those looking to learn more about the artist, visit his website.