Seaton Tramway has been nominated in two categories for the annual British Trams Online Awards.

Competing against numerous other tramways nationwide, the Seaton Tramway is first up for the Tram of the Year award with the Seaton 9.

It comes after several changes were made to its lower deck accessible area, with the addition of doors to make it fully enclosed.

Seaton Tramway has also been nominated in the Tramway of the Year category thanks to significant infrastructure improvements, such as Bobsworth Bridge, as well as it being the first full year of having two new stops.

The British Trams Online Awards, which initially started as a light-hearted year-end activity, have now grown into an illustrious event, acknowledging the accomplishments and improvements of tram services across the United Kingdom.

Since 2012, the competition has grown from recognising the best trolley to multiple categories, including Event of the Year and Tramway of the Year.

The selection process involves opening nominations at the beginning of December for a week, where anyone can recommend candidates for each of the categories.

An expert panel convenes later to determine the final shortlist.

A month-long voting period follows, culminating in the announcement of the winners.

Voting started earlier this month, and the public can cast their votes until 10am on January 6, 2024.

Seaton Tramway is urging voters to support their local tram services.

For more information, and to vote, visit