Honiton-based charity Foodsave has opened a new community fridge at Honiton Library this week.

Foodsave have unveiled a new community fridge in Honiton Library, distributing food that would have otherwise gone to waste, for free.

Pop in, bring your own bags, and choose from a selection of fruit and veg that you can take home, saving money and the planet. 

Community Fridges and Larders are publicly accessible fridge / freezer / ambient spaces that offer food for free to everyone in a local area.  They make use of surplus food that would have otherwise gone to waste – mostly from businesses but also from households.

Surplus food from businesses may be short-dated, have damaged packaging or be an end of line product. Whilst from households it might consist of allotment gluts or food that you aren’t going to manage to eat if you are perhaps going on holiday or moving.  Redistributing this food via a Community Fridge or Larder means that this food gets eaten as intended and doesn’t end up as waste.

Community Larders also tend to focus on those in more need within the community and so also accept food donations as gifts – like food banks do.

Other community fridges in East Devon include, one at Seaton Library and one at the Community Waffle House in Axminster.