South Western Railway has been ranked as one of the best train companies for commuters in the UK.

That is according to research conducted by Moneypenny, with the train operator finishing ninth out of 24.

South Western Railway manages several East Devon stations, such as Cranbrook, Honiton, Axminster and Feniton.

It scored highly in aspects considered crucial for commuters (73.8) such as free WIFI and designated quiet zones.

The study, which examined the important factors for those travelling to and from work, revealed that almost half of all train journeys in the UK are made by commuters.

Today’s workforce is seen as heavily reliant on efficient public transport not only to reach their destination, but as a space to begin their workday or wind down afterwards.

The researchers at Moneypenny took such needs into account while evaluating the UK's train operators.

It considered the quality of free WIFI, availability of plugs and quiet areas, among other features, scoring each aspect to find the overall best service providers.

Greater Anglia topped the chart, scoring a total of 80.2/100, offering free WIFI with no data limit, plug sockets for work and even designated quiet zones, an amenity offered by only seven other train operators.

Despite registering no positive social media engagements in the past month, South Western Railway emerged successful for providing a quiet zone for its commuters.

Taking second and third place respectively, Avanti West Coast and Scotrail also provided substantial services.

Avanti West Coast, with a score of 79.1, offers free WIFI, plug sockets, quiet zones and food services, while Scotrail managed to score 78.1 even though they offer full catering services only on select routes.

Merseyrail, securing the tenth spot, registered high on positive customer sentiment but fell short on account of not offering quiet zones or a food service.

While South Western Railway has delivered commendably, other well-known operators like East Midlands Railway, Thameslink and Great Northern, did not make it to the top ten.