Plans for an M&S Food Hall and The Range will go on display for members of the public on Wednesday, March 13.

Building firm Kilo Properties will hold an exhibition at Grandpa’s Gallery, Cross Street, Seaton between 5pm and 7pm on March 13 and Thursday, March 14 between 10am and 1pm.

For anyone who couldn't make the consultation last week, an online form is available here

Residents and interest groups will see the plans for the first time and ask any questions they have about the development.

The first phase comprises two new retail units, to be occupied by M&S Foodhall and The Range.

The second phase of the development comprises a drive-thru restaurant and EV charging station.

Consultation forms will be available and we will then analyse those responses take on board any suggestions that are adoptable and submit our application to EDDC.

After consultation, a detailed planning application to be approved or refused by officers at East Devon District Council.

The site on land east of Harepath Road is within the defined settlement boundary of Seaton and has been allocated for development in the East Devon Local Plan for 25 years.

Paul Clark, director of Kilo Properties told the Herald: "The proposals represent a key opportunity to deliver a high-quality mixed-use development that will generate approximately 130 jobs for local people and provide enhanced choice of retail facilities for the residents of Seaton and the surrounding area.

"We believe that this development will attract new customers to Seaton from surrounding areas and reduce the number of journeys out of the area to larger settlements for such a retail experience, thus increasing spend within the local economy."