A total of 222 residents of Lyme Regis have signed a petition to save The Chinese Pavilion in Langmoor Gardens, Lyme Regis.

Described as 'a beloved local landmark' and the 'only shelter offering sweeping views of the majestic Jurassic Coast', is under threat of being demolished.

A petition via Change.org was launched today (March 7) by Janette Edmonds to prevent the Demolition of the Chinese Pavilion in Langmoor Gardens, Lyme Regis and as of 12pm already has 222 signatures with a target of 500.

The petition will be presented to Lyme Regis Town Council if it reaches its target.

A spokesman for the petition said: "This decision has left our community devastated. Not only does it rob us of a treasured piece of our town's character, but it also threatens tourism - an essential component of our local economy.

"We urge you to reconsider this decision which will have far-reaching implications for both our cultural heritage and economic vitality. And for those of us who want to just stop a-while and admire the view.

"Please sign this petition to save the Chinese Pavilion in Langmoor Gardens from demolition."