Axminster Care Service is appealing for more volunteers to provide support.

The non-profit, established 34 years ago, provides essential financial services to the community.

Support options include direct financial help and referrals, typically facilitated through care or social services, with teachers, solicitors, and clergy also participating.

Additional services by the charity include grants for schools and other organisations facing funding challenges.

A transport service, operated by volunteers, is also available, assisting residents in reaching their medical appointments, calculated at about 2000 trips annually.

Axminster Care Service has recently held a 'Hospital Visit Day', targeted at those who are not able to drive or without transportation.

Intended for those visiting family at RD&E Hospital, a shared transport service, provided by a volunteer, is available every Tuesday afternoon, at a cost of just £10 per individual.

Midweek Herald: The non-profit, established 34 years ago, provides essential financial services to the community

The request for additional aid is targeted at filling the roles of a telephone transport coordinator, fundraiser and shop volunteers for Saturday openings at its charity shop.

Volunteers currently integrated into the organisation originate from varied backgrounds and ages.

Award students from Axe Valley Community Academy are committed volunteers at the South Street charity shop on Saturdays.

The shop also values the contributions of their senior volunteer, Ann.

Her assistance with store-operations and cash register duties is a testament that all are capable of lending a hand, regardless of their age.

For individuals inspired to contribute and help out with the Axminster Care Service, contact can be made through its office telephone number 01297 35550 or via email