My daughter said, when she realised British Summer Time had begun: “Wow, winter has finished on such a lovely day. There is now a whole world to look forward to.”

How wistful. There is a sweetness in the garden, nature is starting to open up in front of us … we are on the edge of long summer days. And all this, combined with the renewal and hope of the Easter message on the same weekend.

Over the past couple of weeks, I have led some very uplifting ceremonies, full of celebration of lives well-lived. I also had the privilege, as celebrant with Shoobridge Funeral Services, of leading Hospiscare’s Ribbons of Remembrance, which we had sponsored. Despite the inclement weather, crowds gathered in Princesshay in Exeter to dedicate colourful ribbons to their loved ones. It was another uplifting service, celebrating the unique colour that they brought to our lives with the ribbons a symbol of taking our memories with us into the sunnier days ahead, keeping our precious ones with us.

Then we were into Holy Week and some very poignant services in our home church of St Mary in Ottery. But even among the seriousness of the stripping of the altars on Maundy Thursday, the Walk of Witness around the town on Good Friday and the Easter Experience for children on Holy Saturday, there was fellowship and community and, therefore, hope in abundance. At the Easter Experience, dozens of children were welcomed into the church to have an interactive service which culminated in making our own wooden crosses to place at the foot of the big cross. Seeing so many families learning about and taking part in the Easter story was fantastic.

Then finally, Easter Day came and, for us, it was in a tiny rural church in Shropshire where my grandfather had been the vicar and my father (a retired clergyman) was taking the service. The ladies in the village had created some beautiful flower arrangements even though they didn’t know they would have a service there on the day. They wanted to do this even if no one saw them. The dedication and love in that sentiment is inspiring.

It's Easter, it’s spring and there are longer and lighter days ahead. Let’s use this, the best season, for our own new beginnings – in whatever way we need them to be. Happy Easter! “There is now a whole world to look forward to.”

Daffodils, poem by Abigail Price 

I sit at the kitchen table,
the spring daylight fading outside,
and i stare at the daffodils
ready to live after being cut dead
almost ready to bloom, to burst on the scene
in the brightest yellow,

to live their best life,
their only life,
living as they have never lived before

they are so changed now
from when they slept in closed green cases 
that no human fingers could unpack.

next day, the sun will push the darkness away
like slender hands that open the curtains
at the end of the long night

and in will come the daylight
like it always does, I might add,
even in the farthest north,
after days of night, the light edges in.