An entrepreneurial challenge by students at Woodroffe School in Lyme Regis has raised £570 for Axminster and Lyme Cancer Support (ALCS).

In a fundraising collaboration between the charity and the school, ALCS gave the students £150 and challenged them to invest the money in a business enterprise to generate more funding. The aim was to encourage pupils to use their entrepreneurial skills for a worthy cause.

The student council and senior prefect team came up with the idea of a charity fete, and held a 'Dragon's Den' style presentation event where pupils could pitch their creative suggestions for games and stalls.

The fete, which took place in February, featured attractions including face painting, fortune telling and - one of the most popular of all - the chance to throw wet sponges at some of the teachers.

The event was so successful that the student council and prefect team think it could become an annual tradition. ALCS said they were 'thrilled' with the result and said: "The enthusiasm and turnout demonstrated the Woodroffe School community's unwavering support for the cause. We extend our  sincere gratitude to the school for their remarkable effort in raising funds to support those affected by cancer in the local area. The charity looks forward to future collaborations."

Anyone who would like to get involved in supporting cancer patients and their families in the local are can find out more by visiting