Poltimore House and Gardens has launched a fundraising appeal to help clean the house of fire damage, following a fire on Tuesday.

The trust says it is more determined than ever to restore the house. The money will go towards cleaning up fire damage and making the site safe and accessible again before restoration can continue. 

The house suffered extensive fire damage after a suspected arson attack in the early hours of Tuesday morning. Police and fire services are currently investigating the fire, and have arrested a 14 and a 16-year-old on suspicion of arson, in connection with the incident.

As from today (April 12), £4,919 has been raised with a target of £100,000. The appeal is open for another 54 days and 158 people have already donated. 

Donate to the campaign here.

There is a small coffee shop attached to the house, in the old chapel. This will be closed for the next three weeks as they assess whether the site is safe to open. 

Branches Cafe hopes to re-open on May 4, 5 and 6. A spokesman said: "We will bounce back with renewed energy and optimism for the future of Poltimore House and Grounds.

"Meanwhile Poltimore House Trust remains as committed as ever to the restoration of the House as a focal point for the local community - please can you help us to move on by supporting our fundraising campaign."

Dr Peter Totterdill, Chair of Poltimore House Trust said: "This amazing place has been loved by so many people over the years, and our heart goes out to all the many volunteers who have worked so hard to protect and restore Poltimore House. Everyone at Poltimore House Trust is shocked at the scale of the devastation.

"We know that many people love Poltimore House and Grounds and are distraught by what has happened and we are all feeling a deep sense of loss. 

"However, we are determined to save what we can of this important part of Devon’s heritage, and to hold on to our vision of Poltimore House and Grounds as a place for everyone.

"More than ever, we need everyone’s help to recover from this disaster and to move forward with optimism."