The model railway in Axminster town centre has stalled, and organisers are now seeking a new home for it.

The model depicts the old Axminster to Lyme Regis Line, and is on display at the former River Cottage store. 

It ran smoothly since its launch in early December until an insurance inspection on behalf of property owners Palmers Brewery questioned the electrical safety

Since then, it has remained on static and unlit. But the volunteers behind the project insist that it has a future and have now issued an appeal to find a new home, with plans to raise funds for a wider initiative that perpetuates memories of the what is known as the ‘Lyme Billy’ era.

While the three iconic ‘Lyme Billy’ locos that ran for much of the line’s 62-year history relied on steam, the model is powered by electricity.

Barrie Hedges is one of the team leading the project on behalf of Axminster Chamber of Commerce, the Community Waffle House, Axminster Community Shed and Axminster Heritage Centre.

He told the Herald “The layout actually draws its power from a neighbouring marketing supply, with automatic external cutout in the event of problems. The layout itself has a controller with a further automatic cutout in the event of overheating.

“Palmers made this layout possible by allowing us community use of the building and we will always be grateful to them. 

“We always knew that ultimately we would have to move if the building were re-let so this simply brings forward the need to find a new home and opens the way to a whole string of allied projects."

Those plans include building a smaller portable model, modelling club, schools materials and a proper means of recording the memories that have flowed in the area over recent months.

A crowdfunder is now planned in order to underpin the wider project. In the meantime, the group are keen to hear from anyone who has ideas on a new location for the model.

If you have any ideas of where the model could go, email