An RNLI commemorative scroll is set to arrive in Lyme Regis as part of the charity's 200th-anniversary relay event.

The scroll, marking the next stage in the 'Connecting our Communities' relay, is being passed through RNLI communities, including lifeboat stations, lifeguard units, and fundraising branches around the UK.

At 11.30am on April 25, the scroll will reach Lyme Regis Lifeboat Station, and will be signed by four volunteers.

Among them is the youngest crew member, 22-year-old Sam Ellis, lifeboat shop manager Krys Lavery, visits officer Petrina Muscroft and water safety representative Ian Marshall.

Midweek Herald: 22-year-old crew member Sam Ellis22-year-old crew member Sam Ellis (Image: RNLI)

Mr Ellis said: "I am delighted and honoured to be signing this historic scroll on behalf of all our volunteers.

"It’s a team effort and everyone has an important to play in our aim to save lives at sea."

The RNLI pledge on the scroll reads: "Whoever we are, wherever we are from, we are one crew, ready to save lives.

"We are powered by passion, talent and kindness, like generations of selfless lifesavers before us.

"This is our watch, we lead the way, valuing each other, trusting each other, depending on one another, volunteering to face the storm together.

"Knowing that, with courage, nothing is impossible.

"That is what has always driven us to save every one we can.

"It’s what makes every one of us a lifesaver."

The five-metre-long scroll will pass through 240 RNLI locations over seven months, finishing its journey in October at Douglas on the Isle of Man, carrying around 700 signatures.

Its journey began on March 4 at a service of thanksgiving at Westminster Abbey.