The Honiton Hearing Centre is expanding its services in its ongoing commitment to serving the community.

The centre based on New Street plans to widen its offerings in clinical ear care, hearing tests, hearing aids, ear wax removal, and hearing protection products.

The objective is to enhance accessibility and meet the various needs of both existing and new clients.

Owners Colin and Andy have striven to broaden the centre's capabilities, investing in state-of-the-art clinical ear care and diagnostic equipment.

They expanded their team by welcoming Karen, a ear wax removal clinician last year, and recent addition Alana, a degree-qualified audiologist.

In a considerate move, Honiton Hearing Centre is reintroducing home visits to accommodate residents with unique needs.

This initiative ensures that, regardless of mobility or circumstance, everyone can take advantage of the hearing care needed.

Midweek Herald:

A partnership formed in 2022 with Andrew Bird Hearing (founded in 2007) enabled the centre to increase its staff and hearing care services in Honiton and surrounding villages.

Established by Colin and his wife Sam in their Tiverton home in 1999, and later shifted to Honiton around 15 years ago, the Honiton Hearing Centre continues to operate independently, driven by a personal commitment to improve people’s hearing abilities.

Community members requiring hearing care are urged to schedule an appointment to explore the wide range of services available; after all, your ears deserve it.