Thelma Hulbert Gallery (THG) in Honiton has announced a brand new play exhibiting the relationship between pioneering artist Gluck and distinguished florist Constance Spry.

"Gluck's Flowers", penned by Brenda Callis, is set for a South West gallery tour.

Regardless of familial affluence, Gluck, a striking character from the 1930s art community, was simply identified as "Gluck".

Rebelling against the wishes of their parents, Gluck chased an artistic career and became a notable personality in the creative hub of Lamorna in Cornwall.

Recognised for their stylish men's attire, their distinctive lifestyle led to the creation of iconic portraits and floral paintings.

The meeting of Gluck with famed florist Constance Spry sparked a controversial relationship that questioned the boundaries of gender, class, and social norms and inspired some of the most beautiful paintings of the time.

The theatre company Theatre West is established for endorsing women's perspectives in artistic creations and has been recently named one of Bristol Old Vic’s Associate Companies.

The play aligns with Theatre West's commitment to supporting women's writing and broadening theatrical boundaries.

Theatre West is also at the forefront of enhancing public accessibility to creative writing while encouraging the emerging batch of LGBTQIA+ voices through various activities.

To commemorate "Gluck's Flowers", THG is facilitating a free workshop by Brenda Callis and Tom Marshman, targeting 16 to 25-year-old LGBTQIA+ individuals.

The workshop also provides a free ticket to the play.

THG curator, Gemma Girvan, stated: "We have really enjoyed collaborating with Theatre West on this new play and supporting new writers.

"Gluck's Flowers has been produced by an all female team and the production features a real relationship that still feels pertinent today."

She added: "As the central character is an artist, the setting in our gallery space adds another dimension to the play.

"The audience can experience the performance surrounded by artworks."

There is a Q&A session following the Friday performance and they are inviting members of the audience to gather more knowledge about the play.

"Gluck’s Flowers" will be performed on both May 3 and 4, commencing at 6.30pm.

The admission cost is £15, with a reduced fee of £10 for THG Friends.