A celebration of Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton and Cream is coming to The Beehive in Honiton this summer.

Voodoo Room musicians will perform at the venue on June 1.

Known for their high energy shows, the group honours the music of the iconic trio without resorting to wigs or gimmicks.

Some of the legendary songs to be expected during the Honiton performance include Foxy Lady, Purple Haze, Sunshine Of Your Love, I Feel Free, Layla, After Midnight and Stepping Out.

Fans should note that Voodoo Room are not a tribute act but a band of extremely talented musicians playing great music.

Midweek Herald:

Members of the Voodoo Room carry a selection of high-profile recording and touring credits.

These include accolades from Stevie Winwood, Massive Attack, Lulu, Arthur Brown, Fish, Thunder, and many more.

The band has received standing ovations and widespread praise for their performances around the country.

Tickets to see Voodoo Room perform at The Beehive are £18 each, with accessible seating on offer.

The Beehive can be contacted via their website beehivehoniton.co.uk or by phone at 01404 384050 on weekdays from 9am to 5pm.