Axminster's popular Waffle House in Axminster is expanding to a new store at the former Lyme Regis Post Office.

A crowdfunding site has been launched by Matt Smith, director of the Waffle House to raise money to furnish the new business at Lyme Regis Post Office. They aim to raise £60,000. 

Matt says the money will go towards furniture, a play area, an air con system, waffle irons, kitchen equipment and crockery. So far with six supporters £235 has been raised. 

The funds are to set-up 'Waffle Lyme'; a community Waffle House for Lyme Regis in partnership with volunteers from Lyme Regis Baptist Church. 

Matt Smith said: "The money could be helping to introduce or reinstate community assets (like a Post Office!)  challenging young people to have more adventurous conversations through schools workshops or simply providing good excuses to reach the loneliest in the community by offering to help trim the hedge or fix an I-phone.

"We only exist because of the generosity of our communities and that means that we are accountable to our communities and take that position seriously. 

"Whilst we love operating in this way, it does mean that as an organisation, we don't carry any spare cash. With each new project, we need to fundraise to be able to get the project off the ground.

"With your support - we would love to be able to furnish and buy the equipment we will need to set up Lyme Regis Waffle House."

'Waffle' was established in Axminster five years ago as a not-for-profit with a dream to be a home for the unseen, unheard and the unwanted and a base for community outreach to build the social health of communities. We can't stand loneliness and our passion is supporting communities to become more connected at every level."

Waffle was set up as 100% not-for-profit which means that all revenue goes back into the communities.  

In five years, they have partnered with the NHS and  RE:STORE to set up a Waffle House in the unused canteen of Seaton Hospital.