Five artists will come together in Lyme Regis to present their vision of the Jurassic Coastline.

The exhibition, Drawn to the Water, assembles the unique talents of Alex Boon, Bryony Lamb, Anna Brewster, Trevor Hunt, and Karen Bowskill of Tideline Prints.

Mr Boon, an artist from Seaton, presents an extensive exploration of the Undercliffs National Nature Reserve.

His work, coloured pencil maps inspired by John Ogilby's 1675 Britannia strip maps, combines route descriptions and nature observations.

Ms Lamb uses the geological wonders and marine life of the Jurassic Coast as inspiration for fused glass pieces.

Her palette explores the interplay between colours, metals, and pressed seaweed, resulting in both functional and decorative glasswork.

Working from Umborne Bridge Studio in Colyton, Ms Brewster injects her passion for the Jurassic Coastline into mixed-media landscapes.

Her on-location sketches capture the coastal environment's energy, creating vibrant and evocative works.

Midweek Herald:

Mr Hunt is another artist whose work explores the region's vibrant and tranquil landscapes.

His pieces are inspired by the powerful sea and the serene tranquillity of the South West's inland estuaries.

Tideline Prints, a small coastal studio run by Ms Bowskill, uniquely focuses on block printing using marine debris from local beaches.

With sustainability at the forefront, she transforms waste into stunning hand-printed bags and accessories.

Drawn to the Water promises to be a diverse celebration of artistic talent, paying tribute to the Jurassic Coast's scenic allure.

The exhibition will run daily at Malthouse Gallery from 10am until 4.30pm, May 14 to May 23.