A bus shelter in Seaton town centre Devon has been taken over by the friends of local artist as a gallery.

The bus shelter, soon to be torn down, inspired a wealth of photographic art. Artist, CHRISSY LOVEBE uses the beauty of weathered metal and worn perspex windows to reveal a new world.

Describing Chrissy’s photographic artwork as ‘remarkable’ and ‘worthy of exposure’, rebels have seized the opportunity to create the perfect gallery space.

Artist Chrissy Lovebe says the exhibition will give visitors the chance to see local talent as they walk along the seafront, or hop on or off a bus.

In one sense this exhibition is a tribute to the hard life of an everyday public asset; it also marks the controversial ‘passing’ of the bus stop itself at this location.

This morning (May 15) Seaton will wake up to a new art gallery in the centre of town, in an unsuspecting place.

Chrissy Lovebe told the Herald: "Growing up along the Jurassic coastline, I find nature and urban sprawl equally intriguing. I observe from a distance and then allow my vivid imagination to work magic.

"Everything, from people chatting outside a shop to a busy bus passing by, or just lying in a meadow watching the light refract through wild grasses dancing in the breeze on a summer day.

"Out of this, my work has taken on a semi abstract direction. I love to create evocative images that hold stories and spark the imagination, using light, shadows, colours, textures and shapes. I have been using cameras for about forty years.

"This present work has evolved out of my exhibition of Street photography - portraiture in 2018. These images have also been partly inspired by the sublime work of painter and photographer Saul Leiter (1923 - 2013) and many other artists and a particular love for 20th century photography.

"Ultimately, I am a conduit for everything and present to you a deeply personal interpretation through my images."