A reisdent from Honiton is calling on Devon County Council to fix the potholes in Marlpits Lane, which she says is now in 'really bad shape'.

Caroline Stoneman made her feelings known on the Honiton Community Page Facebook forum on Monday (May 20).

Driving down the lane and hitting the potholes in the road has caused £400 worth of damage to her vehicle, according to Mrs Stoneman.

She has reported the state of the roads to Devon County Council, but the road has not yet been re-surfaced. She is now seeking compensation.

Other residents used her post to vent about the state of other roads in Honiton, Anita Curbishley Bevan said Honiton high street is also full of potholes.

Stephen Kolek in reply to Anita's post said: "It’s not just there, look at the state of the High Street - great ruts in the middle."

Honiton resident Caroline Stoneman said: "Shame on you Devon County Council - after a sunken drain which happened in February the road damage has become so severe on both sides of the road that even when in use as single file traffic you are now risking damage to your vehicle , I myself have had to have replacement shocks totaling £400 and that's with me knowing the road well. 

"I have reported this three times to both Devon County Council and East Devon District Council and will now be pushing for a compensation claim."

In response, a spokesman for Devon County Council said: "Marlpits Lane is inspected every six months and the most recent was in January. The road will also be inspected when any new issues are reported to us. 

“We will continue to monitor the road regularly and if any new safety defects are found we will assess them to determine a suitable course of action. Our response time will vary from the next working day to 28 days, depending on the nature of the issue.”