Lyme Regis Fossil Festival will host documentary Why Dinosaurs? at the Marine Theatre this summer.

The internationally acclaimed film is scheduled to screen on June 8 from 2pm as part of the event.

Why Dinosaurs? charts a global quest by teenager James Pinto and his father, and touches base with over 65 dinosaur experts, including prominent scientists, artists and Jurassic Park enthusiasts.

The documentary delves into the intrigue around these prehistoric creatures, from museum exhibits to popular cinema.

James Pinto, the film's narrator, said: "This movie explores the myriad ways in which people connect with dinosaurs, providing a unique look into the lives and careers of those who study them."

Throughout their adventure, Mr Pinto and his father conduct interviews with the director of Jurassic World, visit the world’s largest dinosaur toy collection, and engage in actual dinosaur bone excavations.

The documentary had its Hollywood premiere last November.

Midweek Herald:

Festival attendees will have the chance to meet and converse with renowned experts in the field of paleontology such as Kallie Moore of PBS Eons, Jessica Lippincott from the Wyoming Dinosaurium Project, and the documentary's leading expert and Executive Producer, Dr Dean Lomax.

Mr Lomax also serves as an academic at the University of Bristol and is revered for his study of ichthyosaurs.

He said: "This film is for anybody who played with dinosaurs as a kid, wanted to be a paleontologist, or loved movies like Jurassic Park and Jurassic World".

Midweek Herald:

Producer Tony Pinto added: "Why Dinosaurs? is not the traditional computer-generated dinosaur reconstructions and celebrity-narrated prehistoric documentary.

"Instead, we introduce the genuine voices of working palaeontologists, science communicators, artists, and dinosaur fanatics to tell a brief history of paleontology and explore the world’s fascination with dinosaurs in popular culture."

Director of Lyme Regis Museum and Fossil Festival organiser, Bridget Houseago, said, "We are thrilled to host the amazing team behind 'Why Dinosaurs?' here in Lyme Regis on the world famous Jurassic Coast.

"It's a fantastic opportunity to bring this exceptional film and its creators to an area so famed for the rich geology and, of course, Mary Anning."

Tickets for the screening are priced between £6 and £13.

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