Set amid the landscapes of a fictional village between Honiton and Axminster, a new young adult novel, "The Whispering Trees", will be published next month.

The compelling narrative reflects a gripping mix of reality and supernatural elements and paints a picture of Devon's natural beauty.

Author Allice Allan, who grew up in Stockland and went to school in Honiton, has written several books, including an award-winning novel and books for teenagers.

Her book explores the story of a young girl named Olivia, entangled in disbelief of magic, she moves from bustling London to tranquil Devon after her father's accident.

A mysterious hill communicates with her, leaving her confused as its guardian, Annie Tilke, can't, or won't, explain.

Acclaimed author Robert Macfarlane, said: "The Whispering Trees is a terrific book; at once haunting, witty and witchy, with the tang of the real to it as well as the shiver of the uncanny.

"Here are shades of Susan Cooper, echoes of Michael Morpurgo, all in a living landscape set just askew from what might be expected."

The narrative further expands with descriptions of Olivia's school life, her friendship with Sadie and her complicated relations with Robert Enticott and Wadsy.

Olivia's life uncovers layers of mysteries, including her father's unimproved condition, looming threats to Annie and alarming messages from the hill.

One reviewer praises the story as "A compelling, emotive, and beautifully written tale."

Maria Oliver, author, "Once upon a time, you.", said: "A thrilling tale about growing up, finding your own path, connecting with nature, and respecting our planet."

The book comes as an exploration of teenage life, familial bonds, and nature.

With its upcoming release, Devon's fictional portrayal in the narrative is set to captivate readers.

The Whispering Trees will be published on July 26.