A botanical foray into the Axe salt marsh

IT is amazing how many plants are adapted to life in a salt marsh.

IT is amazing how many plants are adapted to life in a salt marsh. The environment is incredibly harsh - just imagine being a flowering plant standing for a lifetime in soft shifting mud whilst being exposed to sea breezes and then being regularly covered in silt-laden salt water. Salt usually means certain death to most plants and yet there are many that have adapted to this hostile environment, and a number of these grow in the tidal areas of the Axe. The Seaton Visitor Centre Trust is running two events on the Axe estuary to help you learn about salt marsh plant identification and to help plot the distribution of plants in relation to the tides. Taking place on Thursday 18 June from 10.30am until 12.30pm and on Sunday 19 July from 2.30pm until 4.30pm, everybody is welcome to come along, whatever their level of botanical knowledge. There is no charge and booking is not required, but please do wear wellies or stout footwear. Meet at Axmouth Bridge. Please phone East Devon District Council's Countryside Service on 01395 517557 if you have any queries.

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