A woman who enjoys a night out

Live and let live update.

How I agree that some minorities in society can often behave unacceptably. But we are a society and the human race is very diverse.

Some people seem to think that they are above the law, but (as an example) not all football supporters are hooligans. The majority are well behaved and live within the rules of acceptable behaviour.

So not all people who enjoy a late night out are thoughtless inebriated individuals who cannot go home quietly at night. For future reference I am married professional woman, who enjoys a night out and would not hesitate to call the police, if I saw any unacceptable behaviour.

So rather than stereotype all people who enjoy a good night out with friends as lewd louts, readers should remember that life is too short - live life to the full, but within the boundary of good citizens.

Life can be so cruelly snatched away people need to accept that our own views are not the same as our neighbours.

Ellen Down

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