A year of consolidation for TRIP

ONE of East Devon’s most valued charities is bracing itself for more cuts in funding.

After a year of consolidation, TRIP Community Transport Association could see further grant reductions.

Speaking at TRIP’s annual meeting, held in Honiton last Thursday, the charity’s chairman, Val Royle, said: “We have had cuts in grants and it is likely to continue to get more difficult.

“Fundraising gets more difficult each year. We must be prudent, but push forward in these challenging times.

“As David Cameron has said, we are all in it together.”

Mrs Royle said the past year had been “relatively quiet, with no crises”.

“It has been another year of consolidation,” she said. “The TRIP team now stands at 73. That’s quite a team - all putting time and effort into community transport in East Devon.”

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Two volunteers were now helping in TRIP’s hugely busy New Street, Honiton, office.

The number of volunteer car drivers supporting TRIP currently stands at 43.

Mrs Royle paid tribute to all those who contribute to TRIP’s vital work.

She said the range of mobility aids offerted through the charity had increased.

“We would like to expand this further, but lack of storage space prohibits this,” said Mrs Royle.

“We are always on the look- out for larger and affordable premises. These requirements, however, are not easy to find.”

TRIP’s plans to purchase a new mini-bus were “getting there”, but “it is a slow process”, the meeting heard.

Mrs Royle said �20,000 of the �44,000 needed had been raised so far.

New committee members are required, along with a treasurer.

Mrs Royle said the treasurer’s role is not an onorous one, because TRIP staff complete the accounts. Paperwork just needed to be checked over.

The meeting, held at the recently-refurbished Methodist Church, in Chapel Street, attracted a full house. Councillor Peter Fleming, the Mayor of Honiton, was among those to attend.