Action over Honiton eyesore

YOUNG people are being given the opportunity to rid Honiton of its most prominent eyesore.

YOUNG people are being given the opportunity to rid Honiton of its most prominent eyesore.They are being asked to come up with a "bold and striking" design for the regeneration of Dowell Street corner.Honiton Town Council paid �1 for the concrete strip of land years ago and councillors have been scratching their heads, trying to come up with a use for it, ever since.At one point, councillors formed a working party and maintained the site themselves, donning gardening gloves and arranging flowerbeds.In its current state, it does "nothing whatsoever" for Dowell Street. That's what Councillor Ron Farnham told a policy committee meeting on Monday."It is one of the entrances to the town, on the A373," he said. "Everyone has a look at that site and, no doubt, has moaned what an eyesore it is."Councillor Roy Coombs said he would like to see trees on the land, stating New Street corner had lost trees over the years.But deputy mayor Vivienne Ash said she would prefer something more imaginative. "I think we should be bold," she told the meeting. "It needs to be striking."Councillor Peter Fleming said young people should be asked to come up with designs - to give them a sense of pride and ownership.Committee chairman Vernon Whitlock said it was important to engage the public.The committee agreed and recommended young people be invited to submit their ideas for consideration.Budding graffiti artists need not apply. The site comprises the ground area only, with the wall being in private ownership.Anyone interested is urged to contact town clerk Lyn Hargood on (01404) 42957.