Alderman praises positive comments

Councillor Vivienne Ash says ‘negativity held sway’ for too long.

Alderman Vivienne Ash, who, over more than two decades, has not wavered in her support for a community centre, paid tribute to all those who attended the meeting and had spoken in favour of the project.

“A big thank you to all the people who have come along to speak positively,” she said.

“For too long we have let the negativity hold sway.

“I really do believe we can achieve this.”

She urged supporters to continue to be positive, adding: “I’m really grateful to every one of you.”

Councillor Nick Cornwell said: “The last poll cost �2,000.

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“The next poll is estimated to cost up to �3,000.

“That’s nearly �5,000 that could have gone into the community centre.”

Honiton Town Council intends to borrow almost �1million to develop the community centre, but has secured at least �800,000 in Section 106 and other monies.