Angel sought at Lyme Regis

Volunteer needed to take the part of St Michael in resort’s new Mummers play

A YOUNG Lyme Regis author and playwright is entering the season of goodwill with a search...for an angel.

Harry Ford, 23, is reviving the ancient art of the mummers’ play in the resort, and he is looking for someone to take the role of St Michael.

“This is a pivotal part,” he said. “The angel is the catalyst for the theme of the play- the transitional journey from despair into hope and joy. He brings a comforting message for the people of Lyme – underlining the belief that out of darkness cometh light.”

The play, Mummers The Word, will be staged on January 14 and will be a promenade performance, with music, from the museum starting at 7.30pm.

Oxford graduate Harry has already cast most of the principals, but is still looking for volunteers to take part as wenches.

A touch of mystique and authenticity will be added to the proceedings with the players appearing in masks and speaking in rhyming couplets.

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Harry, who says he knew from the onset that the revival was a major challenge, is delighted with the positive response he has received from people of the area and he hopes that his efforts will prove to be a lasting legacy for Lyme.

“People have been very keen to take part, and that has been extremely encouraging,” he added.