Anger as HSBC announces plan to close Seaton branch

Former employee says word ‘local’ should no longer be used in bank’s advertising.

I write as an ex-employee of HSBC to express my disgust at the impending closure of the Seaton branch in September. Having worked for HSBC for seven years, I always considered them to be one of the most customer-orientated banks.

This opinion changed when I received, alongside numerous other Seaton branch customers, the news that we are to lose the local customer service from the end of September.

With yet another bank closure in the town, this is a real kick in the teeth for Seaton.

We have been given the news that our accounts are now to be managed from Sidmouth.

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How is that going to help us locally? How is that going to help those customers that rely on local services? How is it going to help those without their own transport? Why do their valued customers have no say in the matter?

I truly believe that HSBC needs to seriously re-evaluate their advertising and make quick changes.

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“HSBC - the world’s local bank.” I think not!

Julie Gosling

By email

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