Another Axminster dog injured by broken glass

Family’s warning to pet owners and parents after smashed booze bottles found in river

Another Axminster family has issued a warning to dog owners after their pet was injured by broken glass.

The latest incident happened when an English Springer Spaniel trod on a smashed alcoholic drinks bottle near Cherry Tree Road,

Accountant Steve Downton and his son Kieran were walking Bonnie in fields behind the estate when she went to play in the stream.

He told The Herald: “After a few minutes, Kieran called me to say the dog had blood on her. I quickly examined her and saw a two inch cut in her right hind leg.

“On inspecting the stream we saw a broken WKD bottle.

“Thanks to someone’s stupidity, we have an expensive trip to the vet.”

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Mr Downton added that youngsters were also at risk.

“As well as dogs who play in the stream, it could have been a child’s foot that was cut because many children from Cherry Tree Road and Millwey play in it and, with the fine weather, would probably be in bare feet.”

Last month The Herald carried a warning from another dog owning family after their pet was badly hurt on a broken booze bottle.

Mother-of-four Jennifer Baxter was exercising her pet Rasmus at Cloakham Lawns when he injured his paw on broken glass, near the river. He needed more than �200 worth of treatment.

She said: “I want to warn dog owners to be vigilant so this doesn’t happen again. I suspect teenagers had been drinking down there, the bottle was clearly smashed deliberately.”