Answer to energy crisis is blowing in the wind

Just don’t ask East Devon residents to have a turbine on their doorstep!

East Devon residents have come out in support of wind turbines - so long as they are a suitable distance away from their homes and not on their doorsteps.

New research, commissioned by Energy4All, has found that 69 per cent of people in Devon wouldn’t mind seeing wind turbines from their home - but only if they were in the distance.

It also revealed that nearly eight out of 10 people over-estimate the proportion of electricity produced by wind turbines in the county.

The survey showed that 60 per cent supported the idea of community-owned wind turbines, with 59 per cent of residents saying they would be happier about having a wind turbine if it was owned by locals.

A poll by The Midweek Herald found that the majority of people are in favour of wind turbines, but only if the structures are not on their doorstep.

Others raised concerns about the noise and impact wind turbines could have on the environment.

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Lesley Sharp, 68, said: “I wouldn’t mind wind turbines, as I quite like the look of them.

“It wouldn’t worry me, but I’ve never thought about it.”

“They have got a lot of them in Cornwall.”

Claire Hambridge, 38, said: “I wouldn’t mind having wind turbines nearby as it is for a good cause, as long as I wasn’t right underneath them.

“I don’t mind the look of them – they are quite pretty.

“I’m quite in favour of them.”

Alison Hardman, 52, from Sidmouth, said: “I quite like them, but I wouldn’t want them right next to my house - maybe in a field or somewhere a bit further away.”

Caroline Burton, 33, said: “I wouldn’t want one on my doorstep, because of the noise and it would be a blot on the landscape. If the wind turbines were at a distance it wouldn’t be a problem.”

Jo Robbins, 61, of Honiton, said: “I just think wind turbines have got to go somewhere and somebody has got to put up with them.

“But, I wouldn’t want them right on my doorstep. In a field or somewhere way off would be fine.”

Anne McHugh, 68, of Honiton, said: “I wouldn’t mind at all, but I’ve never really thought about it.

“I wouldn’t be opposed to it.

“Some people say wind turbines are a blot on the landscape, but I think it depends on what you think.

“I’m more interested in wave power.

“We need to reduce the amount of electricity we use and just remember to turn lights out.”

Naomi Clyde-Smith, 90, from Northleigh, said: “No, I wouldn’t want a wind turbine, because it is very peaceful where I live.

“I wouldn’t want that thing going round.

“I think the noise would put me off - even though they don’t look so bad.”