Are you dreading the winter?

Dunkirk spirit at the ready!

Last year’s bad weather, the worst for decades, caused chaos across Britain.

The Midweek Herald asked readers if they were dreading this winter - or planning to escape to sunnier climes to avoid the winter chill.

Rosalind Chew, 54, said: “I am dreading the winter.

“It’s been mildly better and not wet, but I like the crisp sunny days.

“Winter is expensive and costs a lot of money, with all the energy you use. I have been preparing by taking my duvet out of the suitcase where it is kept.”

Pensioner Margaret Mundie, from Honiton, said: “No, I’m not dreading the winter this year.

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“On the whole, I managed all right last year.

“I suppose I probably would be worried, but I was a war baby - so my reaction is to just fill a hot water bottle.”

Patricia Franklin, 56, from Honiton, said: “I am not particularly worried about the winter as you can’t do anything about it.

“I’ve got to order some coal and that’s about it. But it doesn’t bother me.”

Pauline Selhurst, 74, from Honiton, said: “This year I have decided to go abroad, because I couldn’t take the cold weather. I have decided to take a holiday to Morocco.

“That is how I’m combating the weather this year.

“I am definitely going on holiday and I hope to do it again.

“I’m not paying for heating here in England.”

Dave Francis, aged 61, said: “Well, I’m not dreading the winter. We’ve gone through one of the worst winters for many years, I think, for people unlucky enough to have services go down. My boiler went and it’s very cold when you have a bad winter.

“The thing is, I’m from up north.

“You usually get a fall of snow at least once a year, but down here it was unusual to get that weather.

“I’m retired anyway so I’ve not got to go to work.

Pamela Todd, 69, said: “No, I’m not dreading winter, because I have got a nice house, which is nicely heated.

“I’m looking forward to the extra money for heating bills. I have got all my insulation, so there is no need to worry about the cold coming in.”

Derek Sutherland, aged 61, said: “Yes, we are. At times last winter, people couldn’t get out of their drive as there was no salt left. Walking on the pavements trying to get to work was a nightmare; it took ages.”

His wife, Hilary, said: “I’ve got some house salt - just in case we can’t get out, but, I suppose, we just have to wait and see.”

Pensioner Kathleen Connolly said: “No, I’m not worried about it. If we have bad weather, we have bad weather.

“Worrying is a waste of time.”