Devon artist showcases new paintings at seaside gallery

Beesands 5 by Martin Procter

Beesands 5 by Martin Procter - Credit: Martin Procter

Distinguished artist Martin Procter will be showcasing 30 new paintings at Marine House at Beer from June 19 to July 2. 
Living in the heart of Dartmoor, Martin’s new exhibition is a testament to the glorious South West and his love for all its elements - its history, drama, beauty, and human imprint. 
As Martin observes: “From my studio I have a wonderful view across Dartmoor, and the landscape I love remains as a constant backdrop for my work.”
Over the past 20 years, Marine House at Beer has had the privilege to see Martin’s work evolve and his reputation grow.

He has his own very distinctive approach deriving from an individual eye for the landscape, with the emphasis on form and structure. 
Initially success grew from his studies of local villages and towns where his architectural training and sense of shape and pattern came to the fore. He then enjoyed capturing the drama and romance of the old coastal tin mining area in Penwith. In these paintings, while remaining true to landscape, he played with perspective and were often observed with a bird’s eye view. He then returned more dramatically to capturing Dartmoor with larger heavily textured works picking out ancient manmade patterns and landforms often as seen from above. 
Those who know Martin's work well will certainly be thrilled by this latest collection of 30 new works, in which he has pulled back from abstraction and found new excitement in emotive more realist interpretations of some of his most beloved locations. Those new to his paintings will in no doubt find the distinct Procter signature style satisfying and compelling, as it continues to naturally explore the interaction between man and nature.
Open daily from 10am – 5.30pm, everyone is welcome to attend the launch day of ‘Steeped in the Glorious South West’ on Saturday 19th June, when Martin will be present. Simply contact the gallery on 01297 625257 or email to request a catalogue to be sent to you in advance of the exhibition opening. All work available to purchase and can be viewed online, though nothing can surpass the impact and sheer joy of viewing Martin’s work in the gallery. 

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