As Gok (not God) would say...


After 19 days away in the sun, I came back slightly less pale than I was before I went away. It was so hot when we went on our holiday that we avoided the sun and were slathered in suncream.

Today I’m pink. I look a bit like a hairy lobster.

We spent our last day before school started again at Sidmouth in the sun, but, because it’s September and because this is England, we didn’t take the usual precautions as we sat on Jacob’s Ladder beach. I’m now paying the price, and in the words of Gok (not God this time) ‘moisturise, moisturise’ is the motto of the day.

It’s so easy to let ourselves be drawn into taking things for granted – whether it’s English weather, the people we share life with, or the God who loves us. Take time for things which are important and be careful with them.