‘Ashamed’ of the rioters

Shoppers in Honiton are left disgusted by the behaviour of rioters and looters across the country.

THE behaviour of rioters and looters has been condemned by shoppers in Honiton and police try to curb widespread acts of disorder that has hit cities across the country.

London, Birmingham, Bristol, Manchester and Gloucester have been hit by these incidents, which has seen police officers from Devon and Cornwall sent to these areas to assist their collegues.

Judith Sharpe, 67, of Exmouth, said: “The riots are dreadful. It is a much bigger problem and shows what a mess this country is in.

“People can get pleasure from working and supporting themselves rather than resrting to stealing. I think some people are without a purpose.

“It has shown the country up. The idea that the riots could explode right across the country frightens me. It is just hard to understand it all.”

Liz and Ian Kelly, 71, said: “It is disgusting but I think the police are dealing with the people involved the best way they can.

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“It is an awful reflection of the youth of today.

“The riots have shown that the police need more powers to deal with these types of situations.

“There has been a loss of discipline and this has shown there is a lack of respect. People don’t respect anybody or anything.

“It is sad that people are destroying everything.

“I think it could get worse unless it is stamped out.”

Emily Juler, 26, said: “The riots have show there are a lot of discontented young people in the country. I don’t think the behaviour is excusable but I do think it has been something waiting to happen.

“Personally, I am disgusted. Watching it on the news is upsetting as I have got loved ones living in London. It is hard to comprehend what is going on - it really does concern me.

“It is unbelievable how quickly the riots spread.”

Harriet Quinlan, 18, of Honiton, said: “It is awful and we are a bit scared about it coming to Exeter – it does worry us.

“It is horrible that young people our age and children who are even younger are looting shops – they have no right to do that.

“It makes me feel ashamed. If these kids are the future what sort of future do we have.

“With the Olympic games coming up I think it has damaged the country’s reputation with people around the world watching the riots on the news.

“It is a wake up call to the Government.

“I think a lot of people have just jumped on the band wagon and it has just escalated.

“The damage done and being done how are they going to rebuild it all.”

Her friend Emma Galbraith, 15, of Monkton, added: “It is hard seeing all those images of the riots. I feel sorry for shopper owners as it is going to cost them money they don’t have.

“The police need more powers as I think a lot of people are disrespectful of them.”