Aspects of Honiton Community Centre

Concerns outlined by resident.

It is generally acknowledged that Honiton needs a community centre, but three very serious and disturbing aspects to the town council’s planning application should be made clear to the town.

These are: cost to the general public, location and pollution.

The present estimated initial outlay for the complex is approximately �2million. However, Honiton council tax payers who have not read the business plan should be made aware that not only are they already paying extra council tax for the complex but, in order to pay off the proposed loan interest and capital repayment from the Public Works Loan Board, this will increase and they will continue paying extra over the next 50 years.

Young people in Honiton should be made aware of this ongoing cost, as they are the ones who will be footing the bill in years to come.

Honiton Town Council and EDDC plan to squeeze the community complex onto the town’s only tourist coach park. Will any provision be made for the relocation of these coaches?

High Street retailers currently benefit greatly from visitors to the town on coach tours.

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A line of public transport town buses also regularly park up on this site. Where are they to go? Where will the annual town fair take place? What extra safety proposals are to be put in place for the prospective large increase in pedestrians crossing Dowell Street?

The proposed site access is onto an already busy, narrow and heavily traffic-congested Dowell Street where the air is already being monitored for pollution. Honiton Town Council already recognises this in it’s own Local Development Plan.

Joanne Maxwell