Assaults and thefts force crime figures up

11 assaults and six thefts reported over the last month in Honiton.

Shoplifting and assaults have pushed crime up in Honiton.

Figures for last month were revealed at a meeting of Honiton Town Council and showed the number of recorded crimes had risen to 44, compared to 37 during the same period last year.

Neighbourhood beat manager for Honiton town PC Mark Carnall said there had been 11 assaults, seven of which were domestic related.

There had also been six thefts, including three incidents of shoplifting.

In addition, there were 10 incidents of criminal damage – three of which were domestic related – but PC Carnall said this would be an area police would be looking into.

Officers also had to deal with an incident where an adult was found buying alcohol for an under 18-year-old.

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PC Carnall added: “The total detection rate for this period is 27.5 per cent, which is not bad, but I would like to push it up further if I can.”